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Tricia Laughing March 2k16.jpg

Buckskin and Blue Photography

Patricia S. Hammill


There is an old saying... I wasn't born in Montana, but I got here as soon as I could. My to the path to the Treasure State wasn't direct. I was born and raised in Oregon and spent 15 years in Southern Idaho, my home away from home. I have a bit of a gypsy soul, constantly seeking out new and exciting adventures and beauty. This is what I try to convey in my images. I want people to see themselves as I see them. Capturing a person's humanity is a gift and I'm lucky enough to have the equipment to do so. When I'm not behind the camera, I can be found raising bucking horses with my forever boyfriend. We are located at the base of the mystical Highwood Mountains in central Montana, but rest assured, we aren't afraid to travel. 

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